Sometime around the fall of 2011, after experiencing mild success on the music scene for a number of years, Stomping Melvin decided they needed to take their game to the next level. One of the first moves the band made to achieve this was to recruit the well known and experienced frontman, Michael Bourqenfinkle. His forceful, high energy performances proved to be an instant success for Stomping Melvin, as the bands following easily doubled and nearly tripled during his first year as a member. His unique ability to captivate audiences not only kept his fans coming back to more Stomping Melvin shows...but also propelled him to the top ranks of local rock stardom. If you are one of the few music venue patrons in the area that has not yet had the opportunity to see Michael in action, you owe it to yourself to check it off on your "bucket list". It is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.




Being a music industry professional OFF the stage as well as ON the stage, John Whitcore has had the opportunity to work for top companies such as Avid and Genelec. This kind of experience often puts him in the company of international level music stars, which provides a musical education that most other local artists could never understand. It becomes obvious how this plays into his live performances with Stomping Melvin, where it seems that no stage is ever big enough for the likes of Mr. Whitcore. Often catching his audiences by surprise with his stunning good looks, never-a-dull-moment stage antics and in-your-face guitar playing, John hasn't just mastered the six-string, he's also mastered the art of entertaining.






As the son of a professional, major label, touring keyboard player, Ricky Porter's musical journey started when he was old enough to hold a pair of drum sticks. Many of his family members expressed being thankful that he was fascinated by drums, theorizing that they served as a therapeutic measure to curb his aggressive behavior. Playing in various local bands around the North Shore throughout the years such as Ice Cream Headache and Last Laugh, it didn't take long for Ricky to establish himself as one of the most talented drummers on the local music scene. Fortunately for Stomping Melvin, Ricky Porter's musical talents do not end with drums. He also has vocal abilities that exceed the skills of many other bands lead singers, making him the driving force behind Stomping Melvin!!





"Dirty" Dave Fitz was found playing his bass with a working cover band in premier beach bars that cater to tourists along Florida's Gulf Coast, which is where he spent many years prior to joining Stomping Melvin. Having grown up in the Boston area rockin' out in various local bands like Persuader, Party Shark and Drop Zone, it was simply inevitable that Dave Fitz would move back to Massachusetts and eventually join forces with the boys in Stomping Melvin! All warrants for his arrest in the state of Florida are still far as we know, he still has not been convicted.


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